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The Bark: Monthly tips for dogs and people

Freedom to Further Your Career

July 2024 by

Despite all of the joy and love a dog brings into our lives, it can sometimes be a struggle to balance all of the responsibilities outside the home with caring for our pets. One of the biggest issues that come along with owning a dog and trying to hold down a job is making sure Fido gets let outside often enough. Many owners find it challenging to try to race back home on their work breaks to let their dog outside to relieve themselves, and many of us have experienced coming home to find that Fido wasn’t able to hold it and had an accident inside the house. Of course with positive reinforcement and a dog’s natural desire to please its owner, some dogs are capable of going 8-10 hours without an accident, but this can cause very serious health problem for your dog including bladder and kidney infections which are terribly painful for the dog and can cost the owner a lot in vet bills.

A lot of owners simply have to pass up on job opportunities that could further their career because the new job just won’t afford the time they need to rush home to let their dog outside. That is one of the biggest advantages to having a high quality, energy efficient dog door installed in your home. It allows your dog to comfortably go outside when needed without the risk of health problems from holding it or accidents inside the house. Having peace of mind that your pet is safe and happy while you’re at work, gives you the freedom to accept that position you’ve been wanting and take your career to the next level.

Keeping Your Dog Safe over St. Patrick’s Day

February 1, 2015 by

Spring is coming, weather is changing and St. Patrick’s Day is coming up. Pet Door Pro would like to give you a few reminders for keeping your pets safe this spring!

  • Although the weather is warming up and much of the ice is gone, there could still be ice melting products left on the ground. Don’t forget to wipe down your dogs legs and feet as they come inside as these products can be dangerous to everyone in your home.
  • St. Patrick’s Day often means a lot of delicious foods around, but please remember than many foods are toxic to dogs. Garlic and onions are present in a lot of food and are very dangerous for dogs to consume.
  • Most people know that chocolate is bad for dogs, but did you know that alcohol is highly toxic? If you’re planning on having guests over, be sure that glasses containing alcohol are not left where your dog can reach them.
  • Another product that many people may not realize is harmful to dogs is Xylitol. It’s a sweetener that’s present in a lot of baked goods. Xylitol is very, very toxic to dogs, so please keep those treats out of reach!

With the change of weather we recommend the Doggy Door Tune Up for your dog door. This is a service to replace broken flaps and worn weather stripping with new parts installed by pet door specialists.

Keeping Your Dog Safe during winter

January 1, 2015 by

With the cold winter months upon us, it’s important to keep our dogs safe while still allowing them to go outside as they need to. Follow these simple tips for happy and healthy dogs!

  • When walking your dogs, always keep them on the leash when there’s snow or ice, especially during a snowstorm as dogs could get disoriented and get lost. Make sure your dog always wear updated and current ID tags.
  • Wipe your dog’s legs and stomach down when they come in from the outside. He may have come in contact with salt, antifreeze, or other potentially dangerous chemicals and that could be spread around the house and could get ingested.
  • Never leave your pet alone in the car during cold weather.
  • Puppies cannot tolerate the cold as well as adult dogs and it may be trickier to housebreak during the winter. If your puppy appears to be having trouble going out outside to use the bathroom, try using indoor housebreaking pads.
  • If your dog loves to spend a lot of time outdoors, increase his food supply, especially protein, to help keep him and his fur in the best shape possible.

And of course having a pet door helps ensure that your dog is able to come and go as they need to without the worry of them being forgotten outside. But it’s important to make sure that your pet door is not drafty and as energy efficient as possible. If your pet door is letting in the cold, call us for a Doggy Door Tune-Up! This includes a door cleaning, magnet adjustment, and flap replacement. And if you currently have a panel model, call for a Through Glass Patio Door consultation which is much better quality and more energy efficient.